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IDC Conventions

    Since 1959, IDC members have gathered each year to exchange ideas and learn from each other.  Conventions have been held on five continents, bringing richness to the experience for all attendees.  In addition to educational forums and seminars, the conventions also give members the opportunity to travel together before and/or after the convention to wonderful destinations.

    A highlight of every convention since 1966 has been the awarding of the International Drycleaner of the Year Award to an individual who has given outstanding service on behalf of the industry.

    Past Convention Locations    

    IDC members represent 19 different countries around the world.  Each year the convention gathers members in an exciting city where they can not only renew old friendships, but learn about other cultures and see how the fabricare industry differs from nation to nation.  Members represent:  Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri-Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, United States and Venezuela.  

      Past Convention Locations
      Past Convention Locations
      Year Location Presiding Officer
      1959 Tokyo, Japan Takeo Igarashi
      1960 Long Beach, California, USA Tom Jones
      1961 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Mel E. Lindstrom
      1962 Long Beach, California, USA Jack Stacey
      1963 Honolulu, Hawaii Tom Jones
      1964 Mexico City, Mexico Moses Kang
      1965 Tokyo, Japan Takeo Igarashi
      1966 Portland, Oregon, USA Robert Depper
      1967 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Jack M. Wada
      1968 Mexico City, Mexico Edward A. Sloan
      1969 Vancouver, BC, Canada Gene Nordin
      1970 Kyoto, Japan Takeo Igarashi
      1971 Kona, Hawaii, USA Richard H. F. Yee
      1972 Long Beach, California, USA Steve D. Carroll
      1973 Caracas, Venezuela Thomas L. Morrill III
      1974 Melbourne, Australia Roger D. Bancroft
      1974 Nairobi, Kenya Z.K. Gakunju
      1974 Stratford, England T.B.S. Johnson
      1975 Vancouver, BC, Canada Robert J.R. Kerr
      1976 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Roy T. Murakami
      1977 Tokyo-Sapporo, Japan Keiichi Igarashi
      1978 Augsburg, West Germany Rudiger Bohler
      1979 Queensland, Australia John Patrick Murray
      1979 Auckland, New Zealand Jack Taylor
      1979 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Roy Murakami
      1980 Anaheim, California, USA Claude A. Bigelow
      1981 Vancouver, BC, Canada James Fletcher
      1982 London, England Gordon W. Jones
      1983 Singapore Joseph Lee Kok Han
      1984 Tokyo, Japan Tadashi Kunitomo
      1985 Quebec City, Canada Georges E. Malenfant
      1986 Perth, Australia Campbell E. Redenbach
      1987 San Francisco, California, USA Doris E. Easley
      1988 Stratford, England William H. Davidson
      1989 Taipei, Taiwan Rong-Maw Wu
      1990 Augsburg, Germany Rudiger Boehler
      1991 Victoria, BC Canada Glead Weidner
      1992 Boston, Massachusetts, USA Bill Pulley
      1993 Melbourne, Australia Nick Moufarrige
      1994 Caracas, Venezuela Thomas Morrill III
      1995 Yokohama, Japan Makoto Igarashi
      1996 Edinburgh, Scotland Peter Crane
      1997 Orlando, Florida, USA Ray Edwards
      1998 Munich, Germany Manfred Wentz
      1999 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Tom Hopkins
      2000 Canberra, Australia Peter Hudson
      2001 Phoenix, Arizona, USA Tom Gosselin
      2002 London, England Simon Murray
      2003 Kobe, Japan Nobuyasu Igarashi
      2004 Frankfurt, Germany Egon (Kai) Burchard
      2005 Orlando, Florida, USA Marcia Todd
      2006 Bologna, Italy Jack Barron
      2007 San Francisco, USA Carol Memberg
      2008 Ottawa, Canada Malcolm MacGregor
      2009 Beijing, China Junichi Kato
      2010 Dublin, Ireland Murray Simpson
      2010 Paris, France Murray Simpson

    IDC International Drycleaner
    of the Year Award Recipients    

    A highlight of every Convention since 1966 has been the awarding of the International Drycleaner of the Year Award to an individual who has given outstanding service on behalf of the industry.  

      Award Recipients
      Past recipients of this prestigious award:
      Year Recipient
      1966 Takeo Igarashi, Tokyo, Japan
      1967 Jack Stacey, Portland, Oregon, USA
      1968 Tom Jones, Torrance, California, USA
      1969 Jack Wada, Los Angeles, California, USA
      1970 Kinji Tanabe, Tokyo, Japan
      1971 Setsuko Yokoyama, Hilo, Hawaii, USA
      1972 Edward A. Sloan, Los Angeles, California, USA
      1973 T.L. Morrill, Caracas, Venezuela
      1974 John P. Murray, Brisbane, Australia
      1975 Gene Nordin, Burnaby, BC, Canada
      1976 Moses Kang, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
      1977 Tadashi Kunitomo, Tokyo, Japan
      1978 Makoto Igarashi, Tokyo, Japan
      1979 Roger D. Bancroft, Melbourne, Australia
      1980 Rudiger Bohler, Augsburg, West Germany
      1981 Robert J.R. Kerr, Vancouver, BC, Canada
      1982 Campbell E. Redenbach, Perth, Australia
      1983 Doris E. Easley, Roseville, California, USA
      1984 Julius Bruck, Arleta, California, USA
      1985 Malcolm MacGregor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
      1986 Robert A. Heald, Chicago, Illinois, USA
      1987 Marcia Miller Todd, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
      1988 Max Zimmerman, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
      1989 Rong-Ma Wu, Taiwan
      1990 Leroy Burch, USA
      1991 William W. Pulley, USA
      1992 James Fletcher, Canada
      1993 William H. Davidson, England
      1994 Nick Moufarrige, Australia
      1995 Yoshehei Nishikawa, Japan
      1996 Ray Edwards, USA
      1997 Egon Burchard, Koblenz, Germany
      1998 Tom Hopkins, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      1999 Jack Barron, USA
      2000 Peter Hudson, Werribee, Victoria, Australia
      2001 Tom Gosselin, Lebanon, NH, USA
      2002 Simon Murray, Tonbridge, Kent, England
      2003 Nobuyasu Igarashi, Japan
      2004 Jim Barry, USA
      2005 William Fisher, USA
      2006 David Hillary, Canada
      2007 Milton Chortkoff, USA
      2008 Toshiyuki Izumi, Japan
      2009 Malcolm MacGregor, Canada
      2010 Lynnette Watterson, USA

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